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William Fiolek, photography

"Go to where you are drawn, be patient, be attentive to what reveals itself, and be thankful."

These principles help guide me in bird photography. Thousands of hours in the field help bring a broad array of subjects and their multi-faceted behaviors in front of my 420 prime Nikon lens. The larger birds often provide minutes for preparation, but the smaller ones usually just seconds. As a photographer, I love the challenge each bird presents. As a human being, I love the colors and the behaviors--both the franticness and the grace. My images try to capture these behaviors, as well as the birds' beauty and habitat. My desire is to share these images with people who haven't had a chance to witness these non-city and migratory citizens first-hand, or with people who want to remember the times that they did. .

My ADD-driven attention to detail is actually a help with this art-form, both in spotting these creatures at the lakes, ponds, marshes, seashores, tree-stands, and wildlife reservations that I frequent, and also in working with their images back on the computer where photo-editing software is so helpful. Almost all avian images require cropping, and many require adjustments for light and air-brushing out distracting elements. The resulting photograph should most definitely be compelling, in its own way. The goal for my portfolio as a whole is to provide a variety of subjects, embodying a range of themes: beauty and grace, courtship and companionship, cooperation and sacrifice and family togetherness, stateliness and command, wisdom and watchfulness, reflection and perseverance, hunting and mealtime, humor and color-that-surprises and stop-motion, and finally, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.

I mat and frame almost all of my work. These two elements are not insignificant in contributing to the artistic quality of the piece, and much care is given to their selection and preparation.

My home for the past 20 years has been in Hyde Park, after growing up in California and spending a number of middle years in the Midwest. My life experiences include accountant, teacher, missionary, sign painter, live-in volunteer at a family shelter, widower and single parent, high school tennis coach, and currently parochial school volunteer and tutor, all the while doing photography of some kind, and bird photography primarily for the last dozen years.