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Our Sponsors

The Dedham Square Artist Guild would not be possible without the generous support of our friends, family and neighbors. Thank you to everyone who has supported and continues to support us with your contributions.

Master Craftsmen: $500+

  • Paul McMurtry
  • Gretje Ferguson

Journeymen: $100-$499

  • Elaine D. Sobell
  • Dedham Community House
  • Gretje Fergusson Photography
  • Dolores Apollonio
  • Anastasia Vassos

Apprentices: $1-$99

  • Joseph Apollonio
  • Diane and David Boutross
  • Lisa Ingemi
  • Steven Mammone
  • Jennifer Warren
  • Reid Kimball
  • Stephanie Thurrott
  • Sharon and Mark Merlo
  • Adina Astor
  • Melanie Guerra
  • Eric & Heather Whitney
  • Dave and Cherylann Sheehan
  • Adam Landry
  • Jessica Porter
  • Josephine Ralphs
  • Monika Wilkinson
  • Elaine Macneil
  • Julia Dorff
  • Elizabeth McKenna and Morning Playtime
  • Ani Avanian
  • Deborah Wood
  • Angela Wood
  • Kate Ardini
  • Kimberly Hursey
  • Sandra Machado
  • Lucie Wicker
  • Meg Duncan
  • Monica and Michael DeWinter
  • Teja and Barbara Arboleda
  • Margaret A. Lambert Center for Massage and Yoga
  • Rick Rawlins

Material Support

  • Accent Banner, Medford MA
  • Christine Ryan

Patron Members

    What are Patron Members? They are people in our community that have a yearly membership to the Dedham Square Artist Guild in support of the arts in Dedham! Want to become one? Head over to our Patron Member page located under the Support Us menu