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Marietta Apollonio, Co-Founder

©marietta apollonio, Kenya Remembered

I have a love of the fantastical, curiosity for everything, and a passion to construct images that are interesting to the viewer and entertaining to create. Born and raised along the Hudson River, I transplanted to Boston in 1998 to begin studies at The Art Institute of Boston, and graduated in 2002 with a BFA in illustration.

My work uses a variety of materials, but the two top choices are always artist grade acrylics for acrylic-on-canvas paintings and Dr. Ph Martin’s Radiant Concentrated Watercolors (with the occasional use of Winsor & Newton Watercolor) for my more whimsical illustrations.

©marietta apollonio, Two Cities

The acrylic-on-canvas pieces include detailed line work done with brush, and because stretched canvas with thick sides is used, imagery and backgrounds extend onto the sides of the canvas—eliminating the need for framing and creating a piece that engages the viewer from all sides. For watercolor illustrations either a pen/nib with Higgins waterproof ink or Faber-Castell India Ink Pens is used, and always created on good quality watercolor paper such as Aquarelle Arches.

In all of my pieces I pull from a combination of imagination and reality, inspired by things that have caught my attention or captured my curiosity. Because most of my current work includes cities, towns and isolated homes, I hope to pull the viewer in and have them experience a place they’ve never been and may never be able to go to; wonder who the people are that might live there, the sounds they might hear, and what could be seen peering out from that window.