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Kathy Zola, Textile

I consider myself an artisan/crafts-person rather than an artist, per se. I like to use fibers to make beautiful things that have a useful purpose, either items to wear or to use around the home. I love colors and making unusual color combinations that somehow work, and I love to play with different combinations of fibers. My professional background is in graphic design and production, which probably contributes to my sense of color and pattern. However, it’s the tactile qualities of fiber and fabric that really call to me. I can spend a happy afternoon wandering through a yarn shop or fabric store dreaming about potential combinations. Most of my designs are one of a kind. I experiment with color combinations, patterns, fiber combinations, both knitted and woven. I make everything myself by hand. No knitting machines or pre-woven fabric. Currently, I am a member of the Boston Weaving Guild and the Metrowest Knitting guild. I have had knitting patterns published locally and by yarn companies.